Colored pencils or ones with designs or slogans printed on them are another easy and fun way to tie into program content and divide participants. As with the toys and erasers, you can reward participants by allowing them to keep the pencils at the end of the session.

I use a variety of colored pencils, both plain and the type with phrases on them. Either way, people now have something to write with and you have a way to divide into groups when the time comes. If you're using themed pencils with phrases or symbols that tie to program content, they now have a reminder to take back to the workplace. Whenever they see or use the pencil at their desks, they may recall the program and topic. This is a simple way to reinforce the learning after the training has ended. Themed pencils can often be found in novelty stores, at shopping malls, and in teacher supply stores (see Creative Presentation Resources in the Resources for Trainers section in the appendices for training specific phrases).

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