Interim Review

If you were facilitating a workshop on this chapter's topic you could energize ^ learners while reviewing information covered thus far. This could be done by having participants form two equal lines, one person behind another, facing a wall. Give the first person in each line an inflated balloon that he or she is to put between his or her knees. When you say "GO" the person should quickly run to the wall, slap the wall, and shout out one term, concept, or idea experienced in the session thus far, then return (with the balloon between his or her knees) to the line where he or she passes the balloon to the next person, who repeats the process. Tell participants that they cannot repeat something said by another person. Continue this evolution for a set time limit or until everyone has made a trip to the wall. If someone cannot think of a something to yell on reaching the wall, they slap the wall and yell "Pass." After everyone is done, have everyone give a round of applause and do a quick review and highlight any key areas they missed. You may want to award all participants a piece of candy or small prize.

If you have participants with disabilities (e.g., sight impaired or who use a wheelchair or other mobility device), they can still participate to their level of comfort or with the assistance of others, as they desire. For example, someone in a wheelchair could still place the balloon between his or her knees and go to the wall.

Now, before moving on in this chapter, take a few minutes and write down all the key concepts you can recall, then check for accuracy before proceeding.

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