Interim Review

Celebrating Learning

If you were conducting a training session covering the topics you have read about up until this point, you could use this activity as a form of review and reinforcement at this point in our program. Keep this activity fast and upbeat.

Have participants stand and find a partner (if you have an odd number of participants, one group may have three people).

Have pairs decide who will be number 1 and number 2 in their team. Instruct participants that when you say "go" the 1s, in turn, shout out a key idea, concept, or term they have experienced thus far in the session.

Each time someone successfully shouts a term, they are to give each other a "high five" (thumb along forefinger and fingers extended and joined and used to slap the palm of their partner).

Following the "high-five", the 2s shout a key term and the process continues to alternate. Have them continue shouting out key terms and congratulating each other with high fives until you sound a train whistle or other signal that they should stop (approximately 2 minutes or until most people seem to be running out of ideas).

Once the time is up, show a flip chart or other type of visual with key terms and concepts and ask which ones they did not remember.

Based on key points they forgot, do a quick review of those items to reinforce learning.

Generally, until human beings have the opportunity to learn otherwise, they assume that other people look at the world just as they do, everyone has similar values, and everyone is motivated for the same reasons.

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace



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