Eraser Shapes

Telephones are great for telephone and customer service training.

Light bulbs enhance creativity and brainstorming sessions.

Computers are perfect for software/PC training.

Sailboats, cars, planes, or trains expand the theme in travel/transportation classes.

Numbers and letters of the alphabet work for any topic area.

Seasonal erasers can be used during a specific holiday or special day just to add a festive note (e.g., Halloween—ghosts, Thanksgiving—turkeys, Easter— bunnies).

Dinosaurs work well when teaching change programs (reluctance to change).

Jungle animals are great for stress and time management (especially if you can find ones in the shape of monkeys—to illustrate "keeping the monkey off your back").

Ice cream cones relate to "licking the competition" or motivation.

Crayon erasers can help focus attention on self-improvement or goal setting. (Color your world.)

Star shapes tie nicely into motivation. (You're a star.)

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