Electrical Sources and Controls

Many training rooms are designed by nontrainers and without consultation with the people who will actually use them. As a result, it is not unusual for you to have limited access to controls and electrical plugs. Often the controls for lighting, sound, and temperature will be located in the back of the room away from where you are standing.

An ideal training environment will have ample electrical outlets spaced approximately every 6-8 feet to allow access to various training and computer equipment. There should definitely be one multiple plug outlet at the front of the room approximately 6-8 feet from the wall. Having maximum outlets provides flexibility in designing training activities and in using a variety of training aids and equipment. One backup plan for any training program is to have a multiple plug extension cord that is at least 25 feet in length, just in case outlets are not readily available or working. Light controls should be found at both the front and back of the room for ease of access no matter where you are located as a facilitator.

Increasing Your Training Options

Depending on your session topic, consider setting up either VCR/monitor or personal computer (PC) stations along the walls of your training room. You can then have small groups work through either video or CD-ROM scenarios related to the program topic or through self-paced instruction lessons to address issues or problem solve. They can then report back to the rest of the class. In addition, you can have them electronically review key session concepts.

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