Creativity Enablers

To enhance your creativity, or to get participants thinking outside the box, get back to the basics by keeping in mind that we learn adult behaviors as children. Take time out of your schedule to reconnect with your inner child in order to rekindle the creativity flame. If you have children, raid their toy box or closet. If not, take an idea excursion to a local toy or hobby store and just wander. Pick up toys and really look at them. Check their features and how they operate. Think of what metaphors you can create to tie into your training topics or how you can integrate them into activities or use them as rewards in training. Select items that might cause you or learners to think, plan, organize, develop, experiment, or strategize.

The key in making your selections, and in generating creative ideas, is to have fun. People who have fun and enjoy what they do are typically more satisfied and productive. Just as children learn as they play and have fun, so too can adults (after all, they already know how because they learned the skill as children). Learning does not have to be somber or boring. Some specific strategies for encouraging creativity and fun follow.

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