Colored Markers

Colored flip chart markers also can be used for grouping participants. They provide a group identifier and, when ready to brainstorm, each person has a marker to write with on a flip chart. There are several ways to use markers to group participants. The first technique is to indicate groupings by placing a series of colored markers at participant locations. For example, start with red for the first person; then go around the room with blue, green, and black; and then start over with the same color pattern until each person has a marker. You could then either group all like colors together for an activity or state that they have "X" number of minutes to form groups, ensuring that all groups have a person with each color represented (e.g., one red, one blue, and so forth). Either way, you separate people who were sitting together and change the groupings.

A second use for markers is to simply put a letter or number on name tents or nametags (e.g., A-F or number 1-6) depending on the size of groups desired.

A third approach is to use various colored markers and put a colored dot in the upper corner of each person's name tent or nametag. For example, the first person gets a red dot, the second, a green, and so on until you have enough colors to meet your group size needs. You then repeat the pattern clockwise around the room until everyone has a colored dot. Colored adhesive dots available at office supply stores serve the same purpose.


What other creative ways can you think of to use markers to group participants? (Include techniques you have used or seen used.)_

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