Card Games

Similar to the jigsaw puzzle idea, you can use card games as a basis for participant involvement. To do this use a standard deck of playing cards with four suits (hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds). Form small groups of four to eight participants. Based on the total number of participants, select a run of cards from each suit (e.g., for a class of 20 or groups of five participants each, you need something like 9, 10, jack, queen,

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FIGURE 4-3. Sample jigsaw content
FIGURE 4-4. Sample jigsaw puzzle

and king). Just as with the jigsaw puzzle pieces, randomly send out a card to each participant with instructions to bring it with him or her to the training session. Once everyone arrives, you can immediately group participants by having them assemble according to their suit. The people holding the highest card from each group can be designated as the team leader and any other card you designate, the scribe. Once grouped, have them participate in an in-class needs assessment (see Chapter 3) or icebreaker activity before you begin the session.

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