Be Enthusiastic

My final tip is to be enthusiastic in every presentation. It is contagious. If you look like you are having fun and enjoying the material, chances are that your learners will too.


To practice your articulation and inflection skills and to review key points you have read up to now, find a tape recorder and stopwatch. Start the timer and recall as many of the concepts learned as possible while you record your responses. After 1 minute, stop, verify, and review your answers. To simulate a presentation start off with, "I'm here today to talk with you about. ..."

In a classroom, you could do a similar review by forming triads of learners. Have two people write each point recalled as one participant reviews and names key concepts. Using triads versus dyads helps ensure that more points will be captured. Perhaps even have the two recorders alternating and writing every other concept stated so that none are missed. At the end of specified time frames have learners switch roles and repeat until all three people in a group have done a review. Doing this type of review reinforces the key concepts covered a number of different times and helps solidify the learning as participants mentally review and repeat the concepts and as others listen and absorb them.

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