Dedication to training has been an intricate part of nearly two thirds of my life. During that time I have had some wonderful mentors and friends, have learned much, and have attempted to give back to the profession. This book is a compilation of many of the ideas gathered during my career. It is made possible through the generous conscious and unconscious contributions of many human resource development professionals and others who have worked on this project.

I am grateful to all the people whose training techniques I have imitated, modified, and added to my toolbox over the years. Specifically, I express my thanks to the following people for their contribution to my learning:

Mary Broad and Lenn Millbower—for taking the time to read this book and provide input

Jacquie Flynn—the editor for this book who has offered guidance and patience as we worked through the difficult processes related to titling the book, fine tuning content, and bringing the final product to fruition. Sylvia Foy—who, as the Director of Training at the AAA National office in Orlando, Florida, gave me the support and coaching needed to succeed, the latitude to experiment and grow, the wisdom to accept me as I am, and the friendship that endures to this day

Janice Mehagher—a former editor from the American Management Association who worked to make this book project a reality

Leon Met—a mentor, former boss, friend, and all-around smart guy

Bob Pike—who, as an internationally known trainer and author, has helped set the tone for creative training throughout the industry and inspired thousands of trainers Ed Scannell and John Newstrom—whose collective creative genius launched a concept of books on experiential training activities that has been imitated endlessly in today's market, but never exceeded. A special thanks to Ed for reviewing this book and providing thoughts

Steve Tanzer—a mentor, visionary, partner, and good friend who continues to offer wisdom and support in my writing ventures

Finally, and most importantly, I must thank my wonderful wife (MJ) and my mother (Rosie) for their love, support, and tolerance as I sifted through the mounds of research material and books, which have covered our dining room table for months. Also, my "brother" Dave, my son Mike, and daughter Brittney and their families for their subtle understanding as I spent excessive hours focused on such long-term projects as this book, often at their expense.

My only concession and hope is that each reader will extract valuable ideas from this book that will make them successful in sharing information and skills with many others, so that they too can grow and feel the intrinsic satisfaction of seeing a goal attained.

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