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Zox Pro Training is a complete program developed by Shannon Panzo who is a managing director of Zox Pro training and a brain management expert. This program has helped thousands of people achieve higher functionality and improved well-being. In this program, you will learn skills of how to increase reading speed, hyper reading, decision making, problem solving, stress reduction, and more. With this system, you will exercise your brain to increase retention of material, raise grades, reduce stress, and mentally photograph books much faster than normal reading. Also, you will learn deep meditation techniques on how to gain much more information from what you read and recall information faster and easier. Unlike many other brain entrainment programs, the Zox Pro program is based on over 40 years of research, and the creator is well-known in scientific circles. The program is engineered toward unleashing hidden brain power and cultivating your inner genius. And as such, will help anyone wanting to boost memory and reading capability for work, study and play. Continue reading...

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Modern brain research The brain cell

Radiant Thinking

As a given message, or thought, or re-lived memory is passed from brain cell to brain cell, a biochemical electromagnetic pathway is established. Each of these neuronal pathways is known as a 'memory trace'.These memory traces or mental maps are one of the most exciting areas of modern brain research and have brought us to some startling conclusions. Every time you have a thought, the biochemical electromagnetic resistance along the pathway carrying that thought is reduced. It is like trying to clear a path through a forest. The first time is a struggle because you have to fight your way through the undergrowth. The second time you travel that way will be easier because of the clearing you did on your first journey. The more times you travel that path, the less resistance there will be, until, after many repetitions, you have a wide, smooth track which requires little or no clearing. A similar function occurs in your brain the more you repeat patterns or maps of thought, the less...

Exercise 216 Boosting Your Brain Power

Your brain chemistry is affected by food and drink, exercise, thoughts, emotions, the air you breathe, etc. Powerful groups of chemicals in your brain react to these factors and can rev you up or slow you down accordingly. Oftentimes you get so accustomed to the way you are that you choose foods, thoughts and habits that will keep you in that state rather than change the routine and change the way you are -even to accepting negative moods as normal and positive moods as too good to last. If you moods are off balance, your intelligence, productivity and overall performance is affected. For example, when emotional interest triggers the secretion of adrenaline into the bloodstream, memory, thinking and sensory acuity is improved. Adrenaline also prompts the release of stored-up blood sugar (glucose) which neurons need for optimal performance, so avoid low blood sugar and artificial sweeteners when doing brain tasks. Your brain grows with exercise and atrophies with lack of use. Out of...

Biblography On Memory Loss

F., Gregor, T. Presence of both odor identification and detection deficits in Alzheimer's disease. Brain Research Bulletin 18 597-600, 1987. Socci, D.J., Crandall, B. M., Arendash, G. W. Chronic antioxidant treatment improves the cognitive performance of aged rats. Brain Research 693 88-94, 1995.

Mind mapping to gain new paradigms

Thinking Maps Subjects

)uring deep and prolonged creative thinking, if new insights have been gained it the first reconstruction and revision stage, incubation may produce a new lerspective on the collective insights, known as a paradigm shift. The Mind Map on pages 158-159 is by Lorraine Gill. It summarises a series of lectures on the creative process as seen from the perspective of the practising tist. The Mind Map incorporates the History of Art, the growth of a 'grammar of seeing' and the tools for the accomplishment of creative tasks. Coinciding rith modern brain research, the Mind Map emphasises Art as a Science (and cience as an Art) and also emphasises the training of both the imagination id the body in the creative process.

The Intelligence Revolution

In 1992 alone, interest in our brain power exploded into the popular domain, as an increasing number of national and international newspapers and magazines ran major feature articles on the workings of the brain. Fortune magazine splashed 'Brain Power' across its cover, claiming that 'intellectual capital' was becoming society's most valuable asset.

Books With Other Authors

Brain Power for Kids (Brain Power for Kids Inc 1991) Brain Training (Buzan Centre Books 1993) By Tony Buzan with Pecub Cartoon character, Brain Brain, guides you through a little handbook introducing you to the astounding capacity of your own bio-computer and how to use it. By Tony Buzan with Richard Israel Based on latest brain research with example experiences from the top sales producers. You'll discover how to communicate, sell and live better.

Resources for Brain Development

This appendix contains a list of books, magazines, videotapes, and other items we found helpful in increasing our mental agility. We hope you will look over the kinds of resources contained in this appendix and locate similar resources in your local libraries, agencies, and bookstores. Remember that the key to mental agility is to keep physically fit and to exercise your brain by learning new things. This is a bimonthly publication that chronicles developments in brain research. You can contact The Charles A. Dana Foundation at

Mind Maps and the Left and Right Brain

At this point it is useful to consider how recent research into the brain adds strength to the points raised so far. In light of the fact, as already outlined, that the brain handles information better if the information is designed to 'slot in', consider the left and right brain research of Roger Sperry and Robert Ornstein. This research alone would lead you to conclude that a note taking and thought-organisation technique designed to satisfy the needs of the whole brain would have to include not only words, numbers, order, sequence, and lines, but also colour, images, dimension, symbols, and visual rhythms etc in other words Mind Maps.

3 The History of Memory

Developments in memory research have been aided to an enormous degree by advances in technology and methodology. Almost without exception psychologists and other thinkers in this field agree that memory is located in the cerebrum, which is the large area of the brain covering the surface of the cortex. Even today, however, the exact localisation of memory areas is proving a difficult task, as is the accurate understanding of the function of memory itself. Current thought has progressed from Hermann Ebbinghaus's work, at the turn of the century, with regard to basic learning and forgetting curves (see chapter 25), to advanced and complex theories. Research and theory can be roughly divided into three main areas work on establishing a biochemical basis for memory theories suggesting that memory can no longer be considered as a single process but must be broken down into divisions and the clinical surgeon Wilder Penfield's work on brain stimulation. Research into direct brain stimulation...

Davids Memory Treatment Plan

I encouraged David to commit himself to a lifestyle that emphasized brain fitness. We discussed his risk factors for cerebrovascu-lar disease and what he needed to do in order to reduce them. These included maintaining a heart-healthy diet and adopting a vigilant stance with his blood pressure and cholesterol. To get 197

Some Preparatory Thoughts Before Doing The Exercises

The 100 Brain Course is unique in that it covers a wide arrangement of exercises, spanning a full spectrum of brain stimulation, from emotional to physical to mental to spiritual. You must understand that it is not so much a matter of technique that allows a person to do extraordinary things that seem to transcend the physical laws of what we currently know as science. It is the spiritual development and awareness of the individual with his faith and belief in himself and his connectivity to everything else that allows extraordinary things to be possible through a person. The process of transformation must begin in the beginning. Advanced exercises should only be attempted after mastering preliminary exercises first.

The Brain And Its Potential

William James said many years ago, and most scientists today still agree that we use less than 10 of our brain power Think what your life would be like if you used just 20 of your brain's potential Your brain allows choice based on experience and expectation. This means that the more you experience things, the more you acquire knowledge, the greater probability you will increase the potential use of your brain. Your expectations strongly influence how you utilize your brain. If you expect little to be achieved, that's what you are going to get. Your brain is a biological, electrical switchboard that is a link between the inner being and the lifeform it is occupying. Mere consciousness is not awareness. Consciousness is of the physical brain, while awareness is of the mind. Consciousness combined with a higher awareness tells each human being, I am a living, thinking and unique individual.

Caveat Emptor

One site promises amazing instant results for a photographic memory, allowing you to memorize volumes of information in minutes. Another offers memory tools linked to the godhead and other divine sources. One of my all-time favorites is a program that awards the participant Olympic-style medals for various cognitive areas and includes a game of learning bird sounds as a tool for mind expansion and building brain power. I must admit that the product pitch that began with Lapses of memory can kill caught my attention.

Circular Ball Toss

You can employ physical movement through a group review in which learners form either one large circle (if you have fewer than 15 participants) or several smaller ones. Brain research has shown that such activity can actually aid recall and memory through stimulation of chemicals in the brain.

Parkinsons Disease

Though the disease is chronic and has no cure, there are medications that can relieve the movement symptoms by providing dopamine. The motor response to medication does not necessarily predict the cognitive response. Surgery and brain stimulation techniques have been developed for treatment of some patients for whom medication does not adequately control the movement disorder.

Brain Blaster

Brain Blaster

Have you ever been envious of people who seem to have no end of clever ideas, who are able to think quickly in any situation, or who seem to have flawless memories? Could it be that they're just born smarter or quicker than the rest of us? Or are there some secrets that they might know that we don't?

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