Using This Book to Prepare for the Exam

■ Lessons 1 and 2: Recognizing and Defining Problems. These lessons will help you to zero in on the precise problems presented in Conflicting Viewpoint passages.

■ Lesson 3: Focused Observation. Knowing how to concentrate and approach a problem thoroughly is critical, because not only are you expected to arrive at the correct answer, but you must record it in a relatively short period.

■ Lesson 4: Graphic Organizers. You won't need to construct graphic organizers, but you will have to interpret them. Understanding how information fits into charts, maps, and outlines will help you to make sense of, and draw conclusions about, them.

■ Lesson 9: Persuasion Techniques. This lesson will be most useful when dealing with Conflicting Viewpoints. It explains how persuasive arguments work. Having this knowledge will help you to be better able to analyze them.

■ Lesson 10: Misusing Information: The Numbers Game. As with lesson 4, you will gain an understanding of how numbers are used and misused. Many questions are designed to evaluate how good your skills in this area are.

■ Lessons 12 and 14: Deductive and Inductive Reasoning. These lessons cover the structure of logical arguments, which lead to the drawing of conclusions, and, with inductive logic, the development of hypotheses.

■ Lesson 17: Judgment Calls. Any time you make an inference, you are testing your ability to make sound judgment calls. This lesson will also help you to evaluate the consequences of possible solutions.

■ Lesson 18: Explanations. You will be asked to choose the best answer from a field of four. This lesson shows you what makes a valid, sound explanation. When you understand this, you will better be able to make the correct selection.

Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

To do this successfully you need to build a clear path of action by using tools if necessary. These tools would be facts, evidence and stories which you know they can relate to. Plus you always want to have their best interests at heart, in other words, you know what is good for them

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