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1. You conducted a successful job search, and

4. Which one of the following is NOT an example

now have three offers from which to choose.

of a persuasion technique?

What things can you do to most thoroughly


Tigress jeans are available at your local

investigate your potential employers? (Fill in all

Mega Mart store.

that apply.)


The very best mothers serve Longhorn

a. check out their websites


b. watch the news to see if the companies are


"Vote for me, and I promise our schools


will improve. My opponent just wants to

c. research their financial situations

cut the school budget!"

d. speak with people who work for them


Our tires not only look better, but they ride


better, too.

2. Every Monday, your teacher gives you a quiz

5. Which is a sound argument?

on the reading he assigned for the weekend.


I had a dream that I got a D on my biology

Since he typically assigns at least 50 pages of

test, and it came true. If I want to do better

textbook reading, the quizzes are difficult and

next time, I need to have a more positive

you have not gotten good grades on them so


far. Which answer represents the best idea for


Beth wanted to become a better driver, so

troubleshooting this problem and improving

she took a driving class and studied the

your grades?

Motor Vehicles manual. Her driving really

a. ask for the assignment earlier in the week


b. schedule in more time on Saturday and


After a strong wind storm last October, all of

Sunday for reading and studying

the leaves were off the trees. That is when I

c. get up an hour earlier on Monday morning

learned that wind is what makes the leaves fall.

to go over the reading


When Max realized he was getting a cold,

d. get a good night's sleep and eat a good

he started taking Cold-Go-Away. In four

breakfast before the quiz

days, he felt much better, thanks to the


3. What is the best conclusion for the argument

that begins, "The other eight people in my

6. You are trying to decide what car to buy. You

class ..."?

make a chart that compares a two-seater sports

a. like meatballs, so I should too.


a two-door sedan, and a mini-SUV in three

b. live in apartments on the south side of

categories. What would not be a suitable choice

town, so I should live there too.

for a category?

c. who studied Jorge's notes got D's, so I will



get a D too.


gas mileage

d. who met the new principal like him, so I


tire pressure

should too.


storage capacity


7. Which answer best represents a situation that has been decided by emotion alone?

a. You hate the winter, so even though you can't afford it, you take a vacation to the Bahamas.

b. The school shuts down after a bomb threat.

c. Your company's third-quarter earnings were much higher than predicted.

d. You need a new mixer, so you watch the ads in your newspaper, and buy one when it goes on sale.

8. In which case would it be better to do research in the library rather than on the Internet?

a. You are writing a report on recent U. S. Supreme Court decisions.

b. You want to know the historical performance of a stock you are considering purchasing.

c. You need to compare credit card interest rates.

d. You want to find out more about the old trails through the forest in your town.

9. You read a story in the newspaper about salary negotiations involving public transportation workers. The workers are threatening to go on strike tomorrow if their demands for higher wages and better benefits are not met. What represents an inference made from this scenario?

a. Health insurance premiums are very expensive.

b. The cost of gas will make ticket prices increase in the next few weeks.

c. People who ride the bus should look for possible alternative transportation.

d. Employers never like to meet salary demands.

10. What is wrong with this argument?

"You think we need a new regulation to control air pollution? I think we have already got too many regulations. Politicians just love to pass new ones, and control us even more than they already do. It is suffocating. We definitely do not need any new regulations."

a. The person speaking doesn't care about the environment.

b. The person speaking has changed the subject.

c. The person speaking is running for political office.

d. The person speaking does not understand pollution.

11. What should you NOT rely on when making a judgment call?

a. intuition b. common sense c. gossip d. past experience

12. Which is NOT a valid argument?

a. There are six cans of tomatoes in the pantry, and another fourteen in the basement. There are no other cans of tomatoes in his house. Therefore, he has twenty cans of tomatoes in his house.

b. Everyone who was northbound on the Interstate yesterday was late to work. Faith was on the Interstate. Faith was late to work.

c. Huang lives in either Kansas City, Kansas, or Kansas City, Missouri. If he lives in Kansas, then he is an American.

d. No one who eats in the cafeteria likes the pizza. My boss eats in the cafeteria. Therefore, she does not like the pizza.

13. What statement represents a judgment instead of a fact?

a. My presentation was excellent. I am sure my boss will promote me now.

b. My presentation was excellent. The clients all told me they liked it.

c. My presentation was excellent. It won an award from management.

d. My presentation was excellent. It was cited as such on my peer evaluation.

14. Your dream is to spend a summer in Indonesia. After some research, you conclude that you will need $6,000 for the trip. Which answer represents the best choice for goal setting to make your dream a reality?

a. Cut $200 per month of discretionary spending, and save the money.

b. Ask family members and friends for donations.

c. Sell your car and use the money to fund the trip.

d. Look into a more reasonably priced destination for your summer trip.

15. What is wrong with the following argument? America—love it, or leave it!

a. There is nothing wrong with the argument.

b. It implies that if you leave the country on vacation, you do not love it.

c. It does not tell you how to love it.

d. It presents only two options, when in fact there are many more.

16. Which of these situations does NOT require problem solving?

a. After you get your new computer home, you find that there is no mouse in the box.

b. When you get your pictures back from being developed, you realize that they are someone else's.

c. Everyone on your team wants to celebrate at the Burger Palace, but you just ate there last night.

d. Your boss asks you to finish a report for tomorrow morning, but it is your son's birthday and you promised you would take him to the ball game tonight.

17. Which type of website most likely provides the most objective information about Abraham


a. home page of a history professor who wrote a book on Lincoln's presidency b. a Confederate group's site on famous assassinations, most pages devoted to Lincoln c. site of a historical preservation group that archives Lincoln's correspondence d. from the presidential library in Springfield, Illinois, devoted to telling the life story of the sixteenth president

18. What is the most likely cause of the following: "Our hockey team has been undefeated this season."

a. The other teams do not have new uniforms.

b. We have a new coach who works the team hard.

c. Some of our team members went to hockey camp over the summer.

d. I wore my lucky sweater to every home game.

19. What is wrong with the "logic" of the following statement?

"How can you believe his testimony? He is a convicted felon!"

a. The fact that the person testifying was convicted of a crime does not mean he is lying.

b. A convicted felon cannot testify in a court of law.

c. The person speaking has a bias against criminals.

d. The person speaking obviously did not attend law school.

20. Evidence shows that the people who live in the Antarctic score higher on happiness surveys than those who live in Florida. Which is the best conclusion that can be drawn from this data?

a. Floridians would be happier if they moved to the Antarctic.

b. People in colder climates are happier than those in warmer climates.

c. There are only happy people in the Antarctic.

d. Those in the Antarctic who scored high on a happiness survey probably like snow.

21. Which of the following is a sound argument?

a. I got an A on the test. I was really tired last night, though, and I barely studied. To keep getting A's, I need to stop studying so hard.

b. Your car is not running well. You just tried that new mechanic when you needed an oil change. I bet he is the reason you are having car trouble.

c. I have not vacuumed in weeks. There is dust and dirt all over my floors, and my allergies are acting up. If I want a cleaner house, I need to vacuum more frequently.

d. The Boston Red Sox have not won a world series in almost one hundred years. They won the American League playoffs in 2003. The Red Sox will lose the series.

Read the paragraph and answer the following two questions.

I always knew I wanted to be a marine biologist. When I was six, my parents took me to an aquarium, and I was hooked. But it was in college, when I got to work on an ocean research cruise, that I decided to specialize in oceanography. The trip was sponsored by the Plankton Investigative Service, and our goal was to collect as many different types of the microscopic plants and animals as we could, in order to see what, if any, impact the increased number of fishermen had on the marine ecosystem. Our group was divided into two teams, each responsible for gathering a different type of plankton. Working with the phytoplankton, especially the blue-green algae, was fascinating. We measured the chlorophyll in the water to determine where, and in what quantity the phytoplankton were. This worked well because the water was so clear, free of sediment and contaminants.

22. What is phytoplankton?

a. another name for chlorophyll b. a microscopic plant c. a microscopic animal d. a type of fish

23. The author says her group was investigating whether more fishermen in the area of study had a. a positive impact on the local economy.

b. depleted the supply of fish.

c. made more work for marine biologists.

d. a negative impact on the health of the surrounding waters.

24. You want to sell your three-year-old car and buy a new one. Which website would probably give you the best information on how to sell a used car?

a. get the latest pricing and reviews for new and used cars; tips on detailing for a higher price b. provides free consumer and business education; consult us before you get started in your new business!

c. research every make and model of Detroit's latest offerings d. everything you need to know before you shop for your new car

25. Which explanation is weakest?

a. Gas prices are so high that many people are not going on long trips anymore.

b. I can't wear my new shirt tomorrow because it is in the wash.

c. Jose's homework was late because it was not turned in on time.

d. We do not have new textbooks this year because the school budget was cut.

26. Which of these problems is most severe?

a. Your professor is sick and misses class on the morning you are supposed to take a big exam.

b. You lose track of your schedule and forget to study for a big exam.

c. You can't find one of the books you need to study for a big exam.

d. The big exam is harder than you thought it would be and includes a section you did not study.

27. What is the most important reason for evaluating information found on the Internet?

a. Authors who publish on the Internet are typically less skilled than those who publish in print.

b. Web writers are usually biased.

c. Anyone can publish on the Internet; there is no guarantee that what you are reading is truthful or objective.

d. Information found in print is almost always more accurate than that found on the Internet.

28. What is wrong with the following argument?

"We should not change our grading system to numbers instead of letters. The next thing you know, they will take our names away and refer to us by numbers, too!"

a. The conclusion is too extreme.

b. There is nothing wrong with the argument.

c. Students should not have a say in the type of grading system for their schools.

d. It does not explain why they want to get rid of letter grades.

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29. What is the real problem, as opposed to being the offshoots of that problem?

a. Your bank charges a $40 fee for bounced checks.

b. You wrote a check at the grocery store, but did not have the money to cover it.

c. Every month, you spend more money than you earn.

d. Last month, you paid $120 in bounced check charges to your bank.

30. Which phrase is an example of hyperbole?

a. In a perfect world, there would be no war.

b. That outfit would scare the skin off a cat.

c. You are not the world's best cook.

d. He drives almost as fast as a Nascar driver.

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