Following are a set of rules and procedures for corrections officers. Based on these, answer the questions that follow them. You may refer back to the rules and procedures as often as needed.

■ Contraband is any item that an inmate is not permitted to have in his or her possession. Officers who discover contraband will confiscate the item(s), investigate the situation, and write a report. Appropriate disciplinary action should be taken based on the results of the investigation. Pat-down searches of visitors to prison facilities should be performed whenever an officer receives a tip that a visitor may be attempting to smuggle contraband into the facility.

■ Corrections officers are often responsible for seeing to it that inmates follow personal grooming rules. An officer can direct an inmate to get a haircut. To do so:

1. The officer should approach the inmate and tell the inmate a haircut is needed.

2. The officer should write a pass for the inmate to report to the desk supervisor.

3. The inmate reports to the desk supervisor, who records the inmate's presence in a log and then directs the inmate to wait in line for the haircut.

4. After the haircut, the inmate will report back to the officer who ordered the procedure.

Inmates housed in isolation are to be given the opportunity to shower every other day. The officer in charge of this procedure should document the time, date, and name of the inmate who showered.

1. Jewelry is considered contraband in prison environments. Officer Nolan conducts a search of Inmate Harland's cell and finds a gold ring under his pillow. What should he do?

a. He should confiscate the ring and tell Inmate Harland that he can have it back when he is released from prison.

b. He should leave it where it is because Inmate Harland might accuse him of planting the ring in his cell.

c. He should confiscate the ring and tell Inmate Harland that he won't report it as a violation, but now Inmate Harland "owes him one."

d. He should confiscate the ring, find out how Inmate Harland got it, and then write a report detailing the incident.

2. Inmate Greggs's hair is hanging below the bottom of his collar. Officer Trunkle orders Inmate Greggs to get a haircut. What is the next step for Officer Trunkle to take?

a. Check Inmate Greggs's cell mate to see if he needs a haircut.

b. Call his supervisor to see if he can send Inmate Greggs to the barber.

c. Check to see if the barber has an appointment open for Inmate Greggs.

d. Write a pass to the desk supervisor for Inmate Greggs.

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