Goal Setting Chart

Goal: to get no grade below a B next marking period (which ends March 14)

What is in my way: too much socializing, poor study skills

How I will achieve my goal:

Step 1: cut back on socializing: do not sit with friends during class; no phone calls or computer until homework is done

Step 2: improve study skills; buy workbook on study skills and complete one practice exercise every day; keep notebooks organized by cleaning them out every day after school; make a file folder at home for each class; do homework every day at desk; ask teacher(s) for help if I don't understand something

What I need to accomplish goal: study skills workbook, file folders

Timeline for accomplishing goal:

Daily: no socializing in class or after school until homework is done; study skills workbook, clean out notebooks; complete all homework assignments

Weekly: file assignments, tests, and quizzes

When needed: ask teacher for help; complete missing assignments

Long term: keep up plan for getting better grades

What I will get from goal: better education; feeling of accomplishment; name on honor roll; respect of parents and teachers

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