Check Dates

Legitimate websites are dated. They typically include the date the site was written, when it was launched, as well as the last time it was updated. Without these dates, you cannot with any certainty use the information found on the site, especially if it is of a factual or statistical nature. If you have dates, ask yourself:

■ Is the information current enough for your needs?

■ If you are looking for time-sensitive information, are the facts you found stale or do they represent the latest findings?

■ If your information is not time-sensitive, was it placed on the Internet near the time it occurred?

■ Has the page been updated a relatively short time ago or could the author have abandoned it?

The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

Today I'm going to teach you a fundamental Mentalism technique known as 'cold reading'. Cold reading is a technique employed by mentalists and charlatans and by charlatan I refer to psychics, mediums, fortune tellers or anyone that claims false abilities that is used to give the illusion that the person has some form of super natural power.

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