Reponses will vary, but should include:

Foreseeable Problems: Lee needs to adequately prepare for both meetings, which could take more time than he originally scheduled. He may have to work late the night before, or put off other tasks until he is ready for the two meetings. Unexpected Problems: the first meeting could run over its allotted time, making Lee late for his second meeting; Lee could have difficulty getting to the client's office due to traffic, unavailability of taxis, etc.; Lee's presentation could go poorly at one or both meetings.

The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

Today I'm going to teach you a fundamental Mentalism technique known as 'cold reading'. Cold reading is a technique employed by mentalists and charlatans and by charlatan I refer to psychics, mediums, fortune tellers or anyone that claims false abilities that is used to give the illusion that the person has some form of super natural power.

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