La Paz is the capital of Bolivia

These are all declarative sentences. The claims are expressed using the same assertoric form. Assertoric form is generally used to express a belief that such-and-such is true (except when someone is lying or playacting); but the fact that someone has made an assertion does not establish that the assertion is true, only that the speaker believes it to be so. Thus, if someone asserts 'Neptune is larger than Venus', they express their belief that one planet is larger than another, that it is a fact that the one is larger than the other. But whether or not the assertion is true depends only on whether or not Neptune really is larger than Venus. Similarly with 'David Blunkett is home secretary', and 'La Paz is the capital of Bolivia'. Note that although someone making one of these statements asserts their own belief, they are certainly not talking about themselves; someone who asserts that La Paz is the capital of Bolivia asserts their own belief, but the statement, and their belief, is only about La Paz and Bolivia.

Now look at the other claims which, as we have noted already, are expressed in the same assertoric form. Consider the first claim

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