a b c e These people say we have a moral duty to honour our United

Nations commitments and provide refugees with a safe haven. I say to you: look at all these people arriving here and then claiming state benefits; they are sucking this country dry.

f Fatbusters - the most successful diet programme on the market today!

g Imagine yourself, or worse, your daughter, alone beside your broken down car on a remote country road in the middle of the night. Few people pass by and no one stops to help. Don't get caught like that - don't get caught without a Phonecom mobile phone.

h By scheduling the broadcast at 1 a.m., the TV company is committing an act of censorship.

i Hair unmanageable and dull? Try Goldie Glow from Bella. The latest in hair management technology.

j Smith: I think it's extremely hypocritical of Mr Big to sit in judgement over those kids who were caught using drugs in school, when he himself has been caught breaking the law by drinking and driving. Jones: But Mr Big is a successful businessman who gives up his valuable time to serve our community.

2 Name the fallacy committed by the following arguments. If no fallacy is committed, write 'N/F'.

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