Every striker on the Italian national side tackles well

Here, as before, we begin by supposing the premises true. But in this case the conclusion is a generalisation. Now recall from Chapter 5 that generalisations can typically be regarded as generalised conditionals. So the conclusion C can (somewhat awkwardly) be reworded as: 'If someone is a striker on the Italian national side, then that person tackles well'. Thus suppose that PI and P2 are true. What we do in this case is to suppose that someone is a striker on the Italian national side; that is, we consider any striker on the Italian national side. What we now want to know is whether PI and P2 force us to conclude that that person tackles well. They do: according to PI this person is a good defender; but then according to P2, this person must tackle well. But this was just any Italian striker, not any one in particular. So we can conclude that every Italian striker tackles well (if PI and P2 are true). Now consider a slightly different argument:

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