Your Career Highlights Film

Problems cause you to stretch, to see how good you really are. Your resume is like an athlete's highlights film. When baseball greats like Derek Jeter or Ken Griffey Jr. are renegotiating their contracts, what do you think their highlights films feature? They put their problemsolving skills front and center. To demonstrate how good they are, do you think they are going to feature a segment where they make a routine play—catching an easy ball hit weakly right at them? I don't think so.

They're going to show themselves stretching deep into "the hole," as baseball people like to call it, or jumping impossibly high to snare a nearly hopeless catch. They are problem solvers; they can stretch to

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180° Faster Communication

Apple Computer touted the speed of their (then new) G3 chip with this print ad (and companion TV commercial) that made a very quick, highly effective statement. A conventional way to communicate "our chip is faster" would have been to say, or somehow show, that the G3 chip is faster. Apple, proving that they practice what they preach when they say, "Think different," showed the competition's chip as being slow with this 180 ° approach. (For more on 180° Thinking, see Chapter 8.)

Your Career Highlights Film

superhuman limits when they need to. Their highlights films show them going beyond the routine. As does your highlights film—that is, your resume.

By definition, accomplishment is problem solving. And it's very nearly impossible to be creative without problems.

Even the fine artist has a problem. It's called the blank canvas. Or the slab of marble. Or the blank page. Or maybe paying the rent is the problem. Even the successful rock star has problems. Maybe it's the last CD. "Can I top it?" "Can I grow creatively?" "Can I pay for that new house with the Olympic-size swimming pool shaped like a guitar?"

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