Why We Need to Develop All Sectors

If you haven't yet taken my Creative IQ Test for Organizations, and if you have not yet done a quick Creative ForceField Analysis, I suggest you do so now to make the rest of this chapter more meaningful.

Dramatic Shifts in Makeup of Workforce

Pre-Industrial Revolution

Machines reduce manual labor force

The Information Age

Our need for Laborers has decreased over the years, as our need for Rationals and Dreamers has increased.

Although most organizations need players at all positions on the Mind Farming map, never has there been such an urgent need to develop creativity in all types of individuals.

First, with the flatter organizational structure of most companies today, with more expected of everyone, we need people to function as fully and as independently as possible as frequently as possible. Also, as the breakneck pace of change brings virtually constant challenges and problems to be solved, we need more and more nimble minds in our organizations to help us thrive, or at least remain competitive.

There are some basic things management can do to develop all people in their organizations, thinkers as well as doers, to be more creative thinkers.

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