When the Close Ruins the Deal

I so often hear about salespeople going in for the close, and I'm sorry, but I believe that is an old-fashioned concept that doesn't treat the sellee as an important player.

To me that's often manipulation and an unfair tactic, going in for the kill. I don't mind asking for the order under many conditions, but under just as many conditions I recommend not asking for the order, particularly relative to truly creative ideas. I recommend saying, "This is the new idea; now before you commit to a yea or a nay, why don't you think about it?" You can walk out of the room for 10 minutes; you can call back tomorrow. But you don't have to have the answer right now.

Putting people on the spot to answer definitively yes or no often forces them to state a conservative answer, the easy answer, which is often no, maybe not, or I don't think so. Because, particularly when you're showing new ideas, people are a little uncertain. We've talked about the fear of coming up with new ideas; well there's fear in buying new ideas, too. And often the early reaction is a fearful one. So don't put people on the spot. Don't force them to make a decision when they're in a fear place.

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