What Kind of Thinker Do You Want to Be

Do you want to be the kind of thinker who comes up with the idea of a personal computer with a larger hard drive and faster processor just like everyone else was doing in the late 1990s? Or do you want to be the kind of thinker who comes up with the idea that made iMac the top selling personal computer for two years running? It wasn't faster. It wasn't bigger. It was blue. Excuse me, blueberry.

Do you want to be a thinker who develops one more in a long line of shampoos that gives your hair "longer-lasting body?" Or do you want to be the thinker who understands that people standing in a shower wait impatiently for the gooey shampoo to come out of a bottle and decides to put the cap on the bottom of the bottle, like Pantene?

Do you want to be the thinker who comes up with one more commercial for a high-technology company that talks about "integrating your IT services"? Or do you want to be the thinker who decides to show nuns speaking French on American TV, discussing their processor speed and hard drive size and making one of the largest, monolithic companies in the world, IBM, seem down-to-earth by offering "solutions for a small planet"?

Do you want to be the thinker who comes up with one more variety of packaged guacamole, loaded with artery-clogging fat like all the



(66 sßed 99s) ßupjuim o08L ¿o aidwexa aziußooaj-oj-Äsea uy other avocado-based guacamole? Or do you want to be a thinker who asks, "Does guacamole have to be made from avocado?" then goes on to use asparagus as the main ingredient to invent a great-tasting no- fat guacamole like Espárrago zesty asparagus guacamole?

Do you want to be one more in a long line of aerospace engineers who thinks of a way to make jets faster? Or do you want to be the thinker whose huge idea finally made the Stealth bomber virtually invisible to radar? An idea that wasn't about technology. An idea that wasn't about aerodynamics. An idea that was about slowing down the speed of the craft so that the heat output would be diminished to an acceptable non-radar-reflective point.

These are all examples of people who did not go with the flow of conventional thinking. Some who even defied the status quo. A computer that is not faster! Guacamole that doesn't contain any avocado! An advanced jet that functions best going slower!

Ideas like these and just about every other fresh concept that contributes to progress in every field of endeavor happen when people let go of what they "know," when they "lobotomize" the part of their brain that already has the "right" answer and come up with a better idea.

Are you ready to perform a Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy™?

The power today goes to those who can act quickly on the knowledge by using new ideas to gain an edge — an edge that lets you lean back and enjoy its fruits for a very short time, as your competitors brainstorm to gain their edge.

That is the aim of this book. To truly empower your creative resourcefulness. To give you the ability to come up with as many big, fresh ideas as you wish, when you wish, with little effort or pain. To be able to think like the biggest thinkers in your field. To actually be a leader in your field.

Follow the advice, the lessons, and the methodologies in this book and you'll be better equipped than your competitors to deal with the challenges and convert the opportunities that face you every day. Because in business today, creativity is not a luxury—it is absolutely essential to success.

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