Welcome to [Your Name Goes Here in Wonderland

Wonder is a simple, childlike state of mind, but is often difficult for many people to achieve.

The problem is that as we know more and more, we need to imagine less, and the center of wonder between our ears gets less and less of a workout. For many people, that part of the brain becomes virtually atrophied. Add to that the incredible fear that is gripping people in business today, the fear of doing or saying something wrong and being passed over or even let go, and there is very little incentive for even trying to think of new ideas.

It's a sad state of affairs. Because certainly the incentive for having new ideas is accomplishment, even greatness. Since the beginning of time the highest achievers have been willing to stick their necks out, along with their minds, to push toward forward-thinking ideas. The great irony is that, although the rate of change and the need for a constant flow of new ideas has never been greater, no generation before us has ever been so reluctant to change. Why? Because no previous generation has been so well educated, had their heads filled with so much knowledge, been so attached to what they know, and yet needed so badly to let go of what they know.

Although many of the scared working stiffs of our generation are trying to figure out the incentive for fresh thinking, they're being frowned on by management for their risk aversion and "stuckness" in old ways of thinking.

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