Athletic shoes are lightweight and flexible, right? As a rookie copywriter I cut my teeth in the athletic shoe arena, and I can tell you I must have written "light and flexible" into a thousand different ads. But not often enough for my clients.

Well, a few years ago when I developed painful heel spurs, from who-knows-what physical activity, my podiatrist suggested I try a particular Nike training shoe that wasn't exactly light and was far from flexible. In fact, the shoe is damn heavy and downright rigid. After three weeks of using these Frankensteinian shoes my heel spurs stopped bothering me and I was back to working out.

Conventional thinking says "lightweight and flexible" is the way to go. 180° Thinking says, maybe not. Those creative designers at Nike decided to just not do it. For more heavy reading on 180° Thinking, go to Chapter 8.

How about an advanced athletic shoe that's heavy and stiff?


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