Use Them or Lose Them

First, use your new thinking tools. As soon as you can, use them. When you put down this book, even before you finish it, use any one of your new thinking tools to deal with whatever problem, challenge or opportunity that comes your way (which means anytime, anywhere, because everything is a creative opportunity).

Have you ever taken a golf lesson, a tennis lesson, a piano lesson, or such? If you don't use the newly honed skills immediately, what happens? Let's say you wait a week before going to the practice range after taking a golf lesson. Do you know what happens? You've forgotten almost everything you learned. "Are my hands supposed to be above my shoulder on the backswing?" "Am I supposed to lead with my hip?" You're not sure, so you practice timidly at best, or you practice wrong at worst, putting yourself in an even deeper groove of improper mechanics. You're going to need three lessons to correct the effects of one misinterpreted lesson.

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Top 100 Golf Tips For Every Golfer

Top 100 Golf Tips For Every Golfer

If you want to become a golf player, it is a good idea to watch professional golf players playing the sport. When you watch them, you would become more inspired in getting better with your game. Aside from that, you could also take note how they carry themselves on the field, as well as how they make their swings.

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