Use Another Tool

Here's another way to deal with any difficulty you may have in learning or using any of these tools. Let's say you're having some trouble with Ask a Better Question (and this goes for a beginner or even a veteran like me): Use a different tool. Don't try to fix a tool that doesn't seem to be working. Don't panic. Just use another tool. Perhaps you should try Intergalactic Thinking for a while. These tools differ from dental tools or plumbing tools in that your plumber can't just pick up a monkey wrench when the soldering iron is broken. But these thinking tools are often quite interchangeable.

Then there are days when you just accept that one tool is going to work better for you than another. Sometimes when I'm on the golf course, my 9-iron just isn't working, but what do you know? My put ter helps make up the slack. That's why you have more than one club in your golf bag. That's why I have developed many types of Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy tools.

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Driving The Ball Exceptional Distance With Amazing Accuruacy

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