Understanding Is the

To develop as creative thinkers in your organization, first your people have to understand that creative thinking is the most important weapon your company has in the battle to compete in the rough-and-tough, even hostile world of business. Your people need to know that creative thinking and problem solving are fundamental to virtually everything else they do in all realms of their particular jobs.

There is another kind of understanding that can help your people become great achievers in this area. And that is their understanding of how to come up with ideas—basic creative thinking and problem solving.

Of course, the primary objective of this book is to provide understanding of this elusive stuff called creativity. As we demonstrated earlier, everyone has the capability to come up with ideas and solve problems. Yet, do they get the big idea, the big solution, every time? No. Actually, most people are quite inconsistent in doing so. And the reason for this is quite simple. Most people have no idea how they come up with ideas or solve problems, so replicating it consistently is quite difficult for them.

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