Typical Career Laborer Jobs

• Ditch diggers

Temporary laborers:

• Juniors/trainees

Laborers are most often the less career-minded side of the doing workforce. These same doers who have upward mobility on their minds or who take jobs as a temporary means to an end are not permanent members of this typology (e.g., the student just out of school, the actor who waits on tables). Even the most creative minds—rocket scientists, for example—while mowing the lawn on their off-hours, enjoy periods in this no-brainer mode.

Career laborers, those who function principally in the laborer mode with little intention of moving higher in the creative thinking hierarchy, most often need to be told what to do, as well as how, when, and where to do it. And they routinely need someone else to supervise them, to tell them whether they've done their jobs properly and when they are finished. These hard-core laborers tend to do only what it takes to get the job done; they're often in no particular hurry, and, should a problem occur, it's usually their nature to wait for others to solve it. They may tend to leave at 5:00 sharp, whether or not the job has been completed.

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