Turning Up the Soil

With most brainstorming sessions I've been involved in, we are looking for a great many ideas, whether it's new products or services, promotional ideas, customer support, or whatever.

Expanded Acceptable Range

redefine the frontier

In some sessions, however, we are looking for only one ultimate idea—for instance, when brainstorming a name for a product, a company, or a URL.

I'd say that in about half of the naming sessions that I have led, the final name is discovered after the brainstorming proper. The first few times this happened, frankly, I was somewhat concerned that my brainstorming process was somehow flawed or that I didn't push hard enough or far enough. But then I realized, again with the help of a client conversation or two, that without the brainstorming session, the name that emerged days or weeks later might not have been uncovered. "It grew from the soil we turned up together," commented one client. Yes, that, and perhaps an expanded acceptable range.

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