Tools for the Job of Thinking Creatively

Here in Part III I offer a number of creative thinking tools to help you with your Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy. I have been developing and working with these tools over the years with thousands upon thousands of people. Each of these tools is a codified mental process. They are all based on methods and patterns of thinking exhibited by some of the world's greatest thinkers since the beginning of time.

To better understand how these thinking tools work, let's look at the more tangible physical realm. There are some very basic physical tools that have helped people with achievement on that plane since time immemorial, body mechanics such as hip flexing, arm extending, and shoulder rotating, to name a few. Many of the top achievers in the physical realm, athletes, for instance, work with general physical trainers to hone these physical tools. For instance, baseball great Nomar Garciaparra (who, incidentally, used his version of my 180° Thinking tool to change his name from Ramon to Nomar, by spelling it backward), uses the same physical trainer as pro athletes in other sports. The trainer works on the basics of physical mechanics to maximize athletic performance. The trainer doesn't show Nomar how to throw a baseball better, but rather works on his mechanics and helps fine-tune his tools so that he can throw a baseball better.

Similarly, some basic mind mechanics can be used in various thinking situations with great results. Whether you're an advertising copywriter or a real estate tycoon, a product marketing manager or a chemist, the mechanics of my Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy tools cross all disciplines to improve your effectiveness.

These techniques are particularly powerful if you use them consciously and consistently, which is what this book will help you do.

If Nomar used the mechanics he learned from his physical trainer only once or twice, would he expect big results? Certainly not. And would Nomar use these mechanics if they were difficult to use, complex, and time-consuming? Well, he probably would, because he's an extraordinarily driven athlete. But for the average person, the breaking down of the physical mechanics into simple, easy-to-use, foolproof tools is the most effective pathway to success. That is why I have synthesized basic aspects of the creative thinking processes into very uncomplicated elements, given them simple mechanics (and I use the term loosely), easy-to-remember descriptive names, and made them very easy to use in almost any situation.

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Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

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