The Ugly Side of the Information

The mental gridlock we often experience today that blocks creativity is a result of the cumulative effects of a world that has never been more highly educated and of overdosing on data in the information age.

The human mind is capable of infinite imaginary thought, as proven daily by our children. But kids have an advantage over most adults: Their minds aren't filled with knowledge.

When you know the answer, your mind stops working; when you don't know, your mind tries to fill in the blanks and make it up. The secret to succeeding in business today, to finding more, bigger, better ideas to drive corporate success, isn't simply having more of the same old ideas but in having new ideas. And the secret to having new ideas isn't simply to will it: "I will have a new idea." It is just not that easy.

The secret to getting your mind to embrace a totally fresh, totally precept-shattering idea is to let go of what you know. Because when you know, well . . . you know. End of story. But when you don't know, you wonder what the answer is. The best thinkers of all time have been great wonderers. The greatest strides in the corporate world have come not from willing a new idea, but from wondering about something better. When you wonder—when you truly let your imagination flow into a state of all possibilities—that is when wonderful things happen.

Wonder leads to wonderful things.

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