The Indisputable Shift toward Creative Thinking

Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." This statement has never been more true. High technology is taking away so many left-brain tasks (toll takers, bank tellers, data analysts, etc.) in the same way low technology took away the heavy lifting at the start of the industrial revolution. Economist and investment advisor Harry Dent, in his best-seller The Roaring2000s, says that today's big winners will be those getting the most out of their right brains. Are you as ready as you need to be for this revolution?

The information age is now the imagination age.

Over the centuries, selling ideas as a livelihood was the domain of only a very few. The currency of our great-grandparents and the generations that preceded them was sweat. The industrial revolution took away most of the heavy physical labor. Our parents' generation began more and more to make their livings with their minds instead of their bodies. They thought for a living instead of doing the no-brainer work that put food on their parents' tables. It was a dramatic shift in how people earned a living—their professional worth measured in brain power.

Fast-forward to the twenty-first century: Knowledge alone is simply not the edge it used to be in business. The most valuable currency

Creative thinking has never been more valued.

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The dramatic shift in how we have earned our livelihoods. The Information Age is now the Imagination Age.

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in today's more mature wave of the information age is new ideas. With the present incredible rate of change and the corresponding need to keep pace, the only way to be a true leader is with "constant innovation," as Tom Peters often says. The premium for quick, original thinking has never been greater.

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