The Best Managers Want Fresh Thinking

Weekly, I hear top managers lamenting the quality of creative thinking they are getting from their people and the lack of inspired thinking they're seeing in the pool of potential employees.

Happily for people like yourself who are reading this book, you'll soon discover a way to let go of what you know whenever you want to—to ramp up your creative thinking ability, to make your mind a nimble, prolific creative idea generator—to give yourself a wealth of the new currency that is driving business today like never before: fresh ideas.

So sit back and enjoy the process of opening up your mind. Embrace your Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy with open arms and an even more open mind. When you've finished this book you'll have the insights and improved skills to be a better thinker than ever before. You'll be the master of a nimble, fertile mind — not just a mind filled

The Best Managers "Want Fresh Thinking

with knowledge, but with the ability and willingness to generate fresh, new ideas that will become tomorrow's knowledge.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you'll ever possess. Challenge it. Train it. Use it to propel your career and the fortunes of the companies you work for. Now is your opportunity. Seize it with vigor. And prosper.

Cheat Notes for Introduction

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Radical technology shifts have resulted in fewer and fewer people working with their bodies and more and more people working with their minds.

Today, knowledge is not as powerful as it used to be; the power today goes to those who can act on the knowledge quickly to get an edge with new ideas.

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Creative thinking is the only way to make anything better, but because of its potential pitfalls it's a place few people have the courage to go as far as they can go.

Creative thinking is something high-accomplishing people at leading companies do constantly, because there is always opportunity for improvement.

The ultimate secret to getting your mind to embrace a totally fresh, totally precept-shattering idea is to let go of what you know. In other words, perform a Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy.

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