The Benefits of Asking a Better Question

One benefit is that when you ask the right kind of question it triggers curiosity. I study high-achieving creative people, and the highest-achieving creative people of all time are tremendously curious. Leonardo da Vinci showed great curiosity: How do birds fly? How do fish swim underwater? Thomas Edison was tremendously curious. Curiosity means putting yourself in a place you don't know. Putting yourself in a place of wonder. (Don't we often praise bright people with the compliment, "She knows what she doesn't know"?)

Timeline of a great idea (continued)

Timeline of a lousy idea (continued)

Maybe you shouldn't have been so quick to commit to that no-one-will-notice-if-I-slip-it-through idea.

You were at your best creatively when you were young and didn't know anything. As a child, you were extremely curious. You lived in your imagination nearly 100 percent of the time. But today, as an adult, you know so much. Well, the Ask a Better Question technique can put you in a position to know less and to be more curious and therefore more creative.

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