So Easy My Dog Can Do It

A few years ago my black Lab, Millie, showed me just how easy 180° Thinking can be. When invited to go for a ride in my new two-door convertible, Millie was faced with the challenge of getting her rather wide frame through the narrow opening that led to the backseat. Her solution? She aimed her ample body in the opposite direction and jumped on the back of the front seat, only to propel herself again in the opposite direction toward the backseat. This then became her everyday method of getting into the backseat of that car. Of course, this led to another creative challenge—protecting the fine leather on the back of my front seat from the marks left by her claws of steel. I have no doubt a solution will be found. Millie assures me she's working on it. (See creative problem solving cycle on page 57 in Chapter 3.)

When you reestablish your base point 180° from conventional thinking, you not only have a new starting place for your thinking, but also a full 180° of territory to consider.

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