Sit Down for This

Let's talk about sitting. Are you a conscious sitter? Maybe you're sitting properly now. Maybe you have the right posture quite often. Maybe not. But do you know how to do it right? Are you a conscious sitter? I'm a conscious sitter.

A number of years ago I had a problem with my back. I went to see a chiropractor and he told me I was sitting wrong. I was having pain and he helped me make a few minor adjustments in my posture and the pain went away. I'm now a conscious sitter. And, for the most part, the pain is gone. Oh sure, on occasion I forget and I slip back into my old habits. But because I am now more conscious, I can remind myself and I can relieve the pain. I make minor adjustments and I don't have the pain.

This book is designed to make you a more conscious thinker so you can make minor adjustments to improve your game substantially. These little adjustments will improve your ability to come up with big ideas, improve your ability to solve problems, and do it all with great consistency.

Unconscious sitter.

Unconscious sitter.

Conscious sitter.

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