Self Assessment for Self Improvement

How potent is your idea power? Are you and/or your people able to come up with an abundance of tremendously creative ideas when you need them with little effort or pain? Dozens of ideas? Hundreds of ideas? Thousands of ideas? Well, there's a lot more method to this madness than most people realize (or perhaps, madness to the method). And it's surprisingly easy to accomplish.

To help make this learning process more meaningful and therefore more effective for you individually, here are some self-diagnostic tools.

The 2-minute Creative IQ Test, page 238. (Or for a more interactive version go to By "Creative IQ" I mean your imagination quotient. I have developed this assessment tool to help people determine the areas in which they are already strong creatively and those that need improvement — and how much. This quick little test, taken by thousands of people, has been developed and refined based on a great deal of feedback. It's the most popular page at my web site. I have gotten hundreds of comments from people telling me how they have used this little tool to better understand their creative strengths and weaknesses so they can take charge of their self-improvement in this area. I suggest you take this short test before you get too far along in the book. The assessment will help you focus on the chapters that will benefit you most.

The 2-minute Organizational Creative IQ Test, page 246. (Or go to This quick diagnostic tool is for assessing the creative health of the people in your organization as a group. If you're a manager reading this book as much to help you bring out creativity in the people you supervise as for your own professional and personal development, this little test is well worth a look. It will help you better understand areas that need to be worked on at an organizational level, whether they be team, department, division, or company.

Creative ForceField Analysis, page 251. (Or for a more interactive version go to This self-diagnostic tool will help you identify factors that encourage creativeness in your life on the positive side of your "Creative ForceField" and those that prevent or limit creativity on the negative side. In my years as a consultant, I have used this tool often to assess individuals and organizations. We almost always use it as a road map to help us identify the stuck places before doing our work together. We sometimes use the exact same tool after the professional development work to identify the positive shifts that were made. Again, I suggest you use this tool to create a benchmark of sorts before you get too far along in the book. I suggest you do it again, or just edit your original version, after you've read the book. You'll be amazed at how much awareness alone can help increase your creative forcefield. You can do it as an individual or to assess your organization's Creative ForceField.

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