24-25 = A+ Very, very good. You wouldn't want to help me write my next book, would you?

21-23 = A Very good. You are very highly realized creatively. Or you cheated on the test.

19-20 = B+ Much better than average, but there are some areas where you could improve.

16-18 = B Better than average, and enough room for improvement to take seriously.

14-15 = C+ Better than average, but just barely. It's very good that you're reading this book.

11-13 = C Average. But in creative pursuits, average is not enough. Read intensively.

9-10 = D+ Below average. This book will help with the answers and with the questions.

5-8 = D Well below average. You really need this book. Take the advice very seriously.

0-4 = F Either you were too tough on yourself or you really, really need this book.

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