Please note that this quick survey is an inexact process. Depending on the validity of your answers, this can give you strong indicators about what is working and what isn't working in your organization.


21-23 =A 19-20 = B+ 16-18 = B 14-15 = C+ 11-13 = C 9-10 = D+ 5-8 = D 0-4 = F

Very, very good. You work for an amazingly creative organization. Either that or you find it impossible to be objective about your group's flaws. Very good. Your group is very highly realized creatively. Can I come work for you? Much better than average, but there are some areas in which your group could improve. Better than average, and enough room for improvement to take seriously.

Better than average, but just barely. It's very good that you're reading this book. Average. But in creative pursuits, average is not enough. Read intensively.

Below average. You might suggest others in your company read this book.

Well below average. I'd insist that everyone in your group read this book.

Either you were too tough on your group, you really, really need this book, or you ought to look for work in a company that has a clue, creatively.

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