Repetition Develops New Habits

After you've used any one of these thinking tools and are happy with the results, use it again as soon as you can. On a golf course, if you hit the ball well, you can't lay down a new ball and try to replicate the swing while the memory is still fresh in your mind and in your body. At the practice range, that's exactly what you do to find a good groove. It's the same with these thinking tools. Don't just practice; practice perfectly.

If the tool doesn't feel quite right when you first use it, stick with it a while. You're working against years of old habits and stale patterns of thought. It will take some time before these new methods become second nature. But it will happen. With repetition, that is.

Golf Can Be An Easy Game

Golf Can Be An Easy Game

The material in this book may, at times, appear to be repetitious, but in discussing the golf swing from the different angles and aspects, repetition could not be avoided. However, repetition has its merits, because it eventually brings one continually face to face with the same facts and fundamentals.

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