Redefining the Acceptable Range

Every individual and every corporate culture, it seems, has an acceptable range of thinking, a spectrum of consideration, a comfort zone in which they evaluate ideas.

The more open-minded people and more progressive companies obviously have broader acceptable ranges than their less open counterparts.

This concept of "acceptable range" became apparent to me over the years when I first recognized a rather vague pattern of behavior following many of the brainstorming sessions I conducted. I also noticed that this acceptable range expanded as a result of the changed state people found themselves in after participating in one of my skills development programs, whether it was a two-hour Do-It-Yourself Lobot-omy or a three-day Creative Camp.

Let me explain by recounting a conversation that happened on the way to the airport with a client. This discussion, following a brainstorming session, served as an epiphany for me in finally crystallizing the concept of acceptable range and how it limits creativity. My company was brought in to help a work group in a large corporation reduce the time-to-market cycle from 120 to 90 days to remain competitive in a particular business category. I'll change the names and the business category to protect the confidentiality of the company involved.

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