Raiders of a Nearly Lost Scene

If you remember the original Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, you might recall a very funny scene in the public marketplace where our hero shoots the big, ominous sword-wielding nemesis. To refresh your memory, the crowd parts as the imposing villain taunts protagonist Indy with an impressive series of swooshing-blade moves. The Harrison Ford character, holding his patented bullwhip, sums up his immense challenge, then makes a face, puts the whip in his other hand, pulls out a gun, and shoots the bad boy dead.

It was a moment of huge yuks in the film.

Well, did you know that the scene wasn't written that way? It seems our star, Ford, was feeling under the weather during that day of filming, so rather than trying to manage his way through an exhausting physical scene, he improvised and pulled out the pistol, surprising even director Spielberg.

Again, accidental genius, the unplanned guest, saves the day.

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