Survive change. Or thrive on change. It's all a matter of perspective and self-motivation.

Michael Dell changed the rules of how PCs were sold. He caused problems for his competition that took years for them to neutralize.

Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines causes problems for competing carriers every time he enters a new market. When Southwest entered my home market of Providence, Rhode Island, they caused many other airlines to change their fare structures, change their routes, and even caused US Airways and Delta to launch subbrands in this market, with MetroJet and Delta Express, respectively.

Oh, sure, when you change things it also causes problems for you, but you're going to be dealing with problems every day of your life; they're the raw material for accomplishment. We discussed that earlier.

You can either deal with someone else's problems, or you can deal with problems on your own terms.

Dell and Southwest set the bar just as high for themselves as they did for the competition. The main difference was that they knew it was coming. They were prepared. It caught the competition flat-footed.

When you make the changes, you are leading as opposed to following. According to the old business adage, "If you don't make dust, you eat dust." You can play on either side. In fact, you must play on one side or the other. Just to survive, you have to play on the left side. Those who truly play on the right side of this formula are the ones who thrive.

The great irony about change is that it's our greatest ally for accomplishment, yet most people resist change. Some people avoid it like the plague. In working with hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, I have observed that resistance to change is one of the greatest deterrents to accomplishment by people in business.

If you can simply change your mind about change, you can go a long way toward vastly improving your creative thinking.

Boss calls you into his office. And for a change you're not worried.

Boss calls you into his office. And for a change you're not worried.

Timeline of a lousy idea (continued)

Cheat Notes for Chapter 3: Change Your Thinking About Change

Resistance to change by the vast majority of people in business is one of the greatest deterrents to accomplishment.

Change is inevitable. It's either going to happen organically or someone's going to make it happen.

Change causes problems, which trigger creative thinking, which brings about more change.

You don't survive in business unless you're playing the creative problem-solving game. You don't thrive unless you are effecting change.

Leaders are proactive. They cause change. They create.


You can either deal with someone else's problems or you can deal with problems on your own terms.

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