Practice Doesnt Make Perfect

I have a golf pro, a guy who really likes challenges, who says, "Practice doesn't make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect."

I don't know about you, but when I'm on the golf range — supposedly practicing — I'm usually just swinging away, totally unconscious of what I'm doing, getting really consistent at being inconsistent.

Did you learn the right way to think when you were about four months old? That's when we first started to formulate our own thoughts. Don't tell me you've been practicing imperfectly all these years! No wonder so many of your ideas wind up in the rough.

Well, guess what? You don't have as much to learn from scratch about creative thinking and problem solving as you might think. You see, this book isn't going to teach you as much as it's going to help you recognize what you do on your best days.

Recognizing, not learning. See? Already it's easier than you thought.

Have you ever practiced Intergalactic Thinking? Sure you have. You just don't know it.

How about 180° Thinking? Have you ever engaged in that type of thinking? Guess what? You've done that, too. Probably hundreds of times. You're just not aware.

Have you ever tried 100 MPH Thinking? Again, sure you have. You've been practicing all of these types of thinking processes for years. But, I hate to tell you, you've likely been practicing imperfectly because you have been practicing unconsciously.

Intergalactic Thinking, 180° Thinking, and 100 MPH Thinking are some of the thinking methods we cover in this book. I didn't make up these thinking techniques. They have been used by high-achieving people for centuries. And, yes, you've used them on your best days. I just made up the names — handles, if you will—to help people better grasp these valuable tools and to make them easier to use.

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