Plot Your Creative Force Field

On the worksheet chart your creative forces, positive and negative. And don't hold back. This instrument is most valuable if filled out fully and frankly.

Positive forces. List the forces that promote, encourage, allow, or even demand creativity for you. They are inner-driven (e.g., natural curiosity) and outer-driven (e.g., "My boss expects it"). Negative forces. List what discourages, limits, blocks, or prevents creativity for you. Again, these are things within you (e.g., "my fear of failure") and things less in your control (e.g., "risk aversion in others").

Magnitude counts. Note, not all forces are equal. To help weight them I've provided three levels on each side: major, moderate, and minor.

Also note, we all have different Creative ForceFields in different areas: our jobs, our hobbies, our home life, and so on. Choose which Creative ForceField you want to focus on; that should be the one you measure in this exercise. But feel free to copy the worksheet and fill out multiple forms for different areas.

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