Lose the Battles to Win the

I see people holding onto the little things that really don't matter in the end.

In so doing they often wind up losing the war, as in not making the sale. I see advertising copywriters die on their swords for body copy. I like great ad text as well as the next person, but look at the readership scores. Nobody reads body copy. Okay, correction: Maybe 15 percent of people read a well-read ad, but only 2 percent of people read body copy on the average ad. Don't die on your sword. Don't draw your line in the sand over individual words or other execution details.

In other areas, when things get torn apart in the selling (or non-selling) process, ask yourself, "Is the basic concept going to stay intact?" Great, then let go of what didn't sell and go back and rework the details. I'm not saying you can't explain your details better and come back later and have some answers on details, but don't kill the whole idea because some of the details died.

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