Knowledge versus New Ideas

You go to school, you gain knowledge. You join the workforce, you learn more. As you claw your way up the corporate ladder, you keep filling your mind with information—facts, data, understanding.

Knowledge versus New Ideas

"Knowledge is power," you're told. Daily you strive to know as much about your field as possible to be competitive, to have an edge, to gain success.

But who gains the greatest success in business? Those who cram existing knowledge into their brains? Or those who generate the new ideas, the fresh thinking, the creative sparks that ignite new areas of business growth?

At a point in most every high-achieving professional's career he or she makes a A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging prejudices.

profound discovery. The greatest success comes not from memorizing and processing other people's ideas, but in conceiving, giving William James birth to, and bringing to maturity their own ideas.

For many people, finding truly new ideas is not nearly as easy as it seems. Most people in business, while seeing the value of original thinking, find it extremely difficult to achieve. As a professional creative thinking coach, I understand this problem better than most people in business. I work with thousands of businesspeople annually: professionals in all corners of the corporate world and beyond, in Fortune 500 companies, in ad agencies of all sizes, in small firms, in professional organizations, one-on-one, and everywhere in between. I see that, in spite of their sincere intentions, most people are prisoners of what they know and are virtually helpless when it comes to generating new ideas. Their minds have become enslaved by traditional thinking: "the way it's done," "the tried and true," "the known." Their grooves of thought lead them to the same place time and again. The world around them is changing at breakneck speed, but they are stuck in the traps of old thinking patterns, being run over by those few players who are unattached to the old and are creating the new.

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