Knowledge IS Power

This book is about empowerment. But not in the touchy-feely 1980s sense of giving yourself permission to be your best self, although you certainly had better be doing that. True empowerment means giving yourself the understanding and resources to make major contributions to your industry, your company, and your self-worth.

The great irony of the information age is that knowledge is not as powerful as it used to be.

There was a time on this planet when only a few people had knowledge, and they held the power. The monarchy, the church, the aristocracy—those few who had the knowledge and education had the power. Today we are a more educated society. And what we don't know we can often find out with the click of a mouse. Just a few short years ago in the halls of business we often heard the term proprietary information. What's proprietary today? And for how long? All companies have access to the same information.

Knowledge ((Power

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